We provide accurate information which has been rigorously checked and verified.

Our databases contain consolidated legislation with notes and indexes providing details on gazette notices and amending legislation.

Consequently the amendments can be traced to their original source.

We take the utmost care to accurately consolidate the legislation, as indicated in the notes below.

  • Legislation is consolidated strictly according to certification and commencement notices in the National Gazette.
  • Details of amending legislation are recorded in notes next to amendments in the historical legislation database and the current legislation database. As a result the amendments can be checked and traced back to their original source
  • Amending legislation since 1995 is placed in the sessional legislation in the historical database
  • The legislation Indexes database contains a list of all PNG legislation with records of commencement dates and dates of repeal according to notices in the National Gazette. As a result the currency of the legislation can be checked from its original source
  • The historical database provides point in time amendments. As a result the legislation can be traced as it was in force previously over a period of time.
  • Only signed copies of the legislation are accepted and electronic copies are rigorously checked against paper copies before inclusion in the database
  • Warning signs have been erected to alert the user to pending future amendments and problematic areas.
  • Repealed legislation since 1995 is placed in the repealed legislation database.

pngInLaw has two judgments databases: one printable database and one database primed for searches. We have made the database primed for searches more consistent by editing quotations, references to sections, rules and orders etc. to facilitate better searches. The original text is in the printable database.