Email Helpline

We encourage our clients to email us at with any questions they may have and we will reply as soon as possible. We prefer to be contacted by email, but our telephone line 61 3 6223 4568 is also available. You are more likely to find us there after 2pm; alternatively arrange a time to speak with us.

We mostly provide support with IT issues and searches. Our Folio software is uniquely suited to legal searches and we love to help our clients with searches. Please let us know what your query is and we can help.

How is pngInLaw installed and updated

The Installation CD

When you subscribe to pngInLaw you will receive an Installation CD. It will have the words “Installation CD” and a publication date, e.g. Q3 January 2017 May 2016 on it –standing for closing down in Quarter 3 2017, updated till May 2016. You need to use this CD to install pngInLaw onto your standalone computer hard drive or network server. Installation instructions will accompany the Installation CD.

We also provide internet links to the CD, so that it can be downloaded immediately.

Note that pngInLaw does not run from the CD but from the hard drive. This ensures faster searching and retrieval of information. After installation, you should keep the Installation CD in a safe place, in case you need it at a later date to reinstall pngInLaw. (Update CDs do not contain the Folio Views software; if you install an Update CD without first having installed pngInLaw from an Installation CD, pngInLaw cannot be activated.)

Update CDs

pngInLaw Update CDs are sent out as and when possible (usually three times a year). There may be a delay, as there are often delays in receiving materials from PNG and it is difficult to achieve a reliable cut-off date. Once pngInLaw has been installed on the computer (having used an Installation CD) all that needs to be done is to run the Update CD and install the latest update (updating instructions accompany each Update CD). You must install the update in the same folder (on your hard drive or networked drive) where pngInLaw was first installed. The Update CD will overwrite all the data files (*.NFOs)

The publication date and the name of the update (e.g. May 2016 Update) are in big letters at the top of the databases.